Accidentally Overweight

By Dr Libby Weaver

In Accidentally Overweight Dr Libby explores the must know nine factors essential to successful and sustainable weight loss.

This book is a result of the 14 years Dr Libby spent at university, her strong scientific background in both nutrition and dietetics and her observation and experience with the way people respond to dietary change. Libby has thousands of stories about how, what she calls the calorie equation (how much you eat versus how much you move) is not the only determinant of your body shape and size.

Dr Libby discusses the nine factors that influence whether the human body is getting the message to store body fat or burn it. These factors include such things as calories, stress hormones, sex hormones, thyroid function, gut bacteria and more. Let’s face it… for many people it is not a lack of education that leads them to polish off a packet of chocolate biscuits after dinner, it’s biochemical or emotional. People don’t eat that way believing they are doing their health any favours. Accidentally Overweight explores both the biochemistry and the emotions behind fat storage and optimal wellness.

Using decades of academic and clinical experience, Dr Libby uses heartfelt and relatable case studies as to why people may be struggling to lose the weight they desire and offers readers the tools to help them solve their own weight loss puzzle.